Fence between Neighbours

If you are thinking about putting up a fence at the boundary of your property for any number of causes,
you would like to go about it in a thoughtful way, particularly if it will be located between your land and
a neighbour.

There are a range of factors you have to think about, such as accurately where the property line is, why
you would like to put up a fence and, most significantly, what will your neighbours assume and will they
agree to this new addition?

Prior to your decision to set up installing a fence, make sure all your bases are covered. You should know
why you are installing the fence, where accurately it will go, what resources you will use, and what
technique will be used. Are you bonding to the legalities of installing a fence? Have your neighbours
approved it and will you be splitting the expenditure? There is such a thing as fence manners, which you
should be aware of before starting the process.

A fence can create privacy and put a stop to unwanted visitors from gaining entrance to your property.
Your fence can act as a barrier to keep your pets on your property or prevent small children from
traveling into the street unsupervised. You may simply just want to install a white picket fence as
ornamentation to your property’s look.

You do not want to be rude to your neighbours because even after you put the fence up, they will still
remain to be your neighbours and you do not want to form any bad blood with them. Your neighbour
may even want to follow suit and install a fence of their own. You should formulate it sure you have all
the details covered before contacting them in order to answer any queries that they may have about the
task. Let them know what kind of fence you will be installing and why, and guarantee them that it will
not affect their property in any way.

Once more, it is a good initiative to draw up a contract that states who is accountable for the
maintenance of the fence, or who is accountable for the cost of repair. It is very essential to go to these
lengths; though you are close with your neighbour. You do not desire to mess up a good relationship
with your neighbour in view of the fact that you are very prone to see them over and over again.

Whether you are seeking to get more solitude, to keep your pets in the yard, or basically want to install
a fence for visual intentions, there is a lot of thinking that should be done before installing a new fence
between your land and your neighbour’s property. Be sure to discuss with all the important officials to
cover any legal issues you may face installing a fence. In addition, talk about the idea with your
neighbour before installing a fence that may affect their property or cross the property line.

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