Commercial Garage Door Range

Take a glance at our commercial range for sectional garage doors. Since it is commercial it does not indicate that it cannot be eye-catching. At BTK we proudly fabricate custom garage doors for your commercial properties, apartments and private residences.

One of the things in life that we don’t often need, until we do is insurance, which is why we at BTK are discussing about insurance and insurance claims for your garage door in this week. Though we sponsor yearly servicing to keep your garage door in service at peak performance as accidents can or will occur.

Damage to your garage door can come about in a numeral ways, like vehicular or incidental clash, storm or natural calamities like a hail force and even due to an act of vandalism.

As one of the prime aspect of a house, a damaged garage door can in reality spoil the visual appeal of your property. A broken garage door that is not closing appropriately can be looked as a simple target for criminals as your protection is getting compromised to the highest degree.

Damages in the plate leave the gate exposed to the element and greatly reduce the security afforded to the contents inside. Moreover, if the gate is scratched or distorted then additional tension may be put on the motor, springs and tracks, leading to further unnecessary costs arising. It’s very important that you have your garage door repaired immediately, and this is where insurance and BTK come in.

Your garage door is considered as an important component of the structure of your property and so most building or residential insurance policies cover damage to your garage door depending upon the position. Additional insurance and possible extras can be acquired to cover motor burnout in the incident of any fusing or burning of wires.

The things you should do if your garage gate gets damaged.

1. Contact your insurance provider and explain the situation to him and acquire an insurance claim number.
2. Obtain a quote and damage assessment from our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team at BTK; we can answer any questions you may have regarding like-for-like substitution; paint, style and requirement options; installation or repair timeframe.
3. Report to your insurance provider of the quote and the estimation detail provided.

We will then coordinate with your insurance company to get your gate fixed or replaced rapidly.

Even if you don’t have insurance that covers your garage door or mechanism, give our professional team a call today for a free no obligation quote, our team at BTK will offer you with expert guidance to find the best solution for you and your budget.

We’ve seen it all and we’ll repair or replace your garage gate to the highest standard, backed by our 12-month installation guarantee.

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