Automatic Door Opener

You may not trust it, but automatic door openers have been in the region of Orange County for a long
time, though, it’s only over the past twenty years or so that they have turn out to be reasonably priced
for most Americans. In fact, they have become so popular that it’s odd to see a home without an
automatic garage door opener in most American cities.

If you have an automatic garage door in Orange County, have you ever wondered how they function?
Well, most of us don’t give much attention to our automatic garage doors, residential home owners just
click the button and away they go!

You may get astonished, to discover that it’s not the motor that actually takes the weight of the doors as
they open and close. That credit goes to the torsion spring, which is the first origin we look at if your
automatic door opener has stopped working.

When you click the button on your remote control, the motor attached to the ceiling of your garage is
switched on. The motor is usually a half horsepower, which is plenty of power to operate a system of
pulleys and torsion, springs that open and close your automatic garage door in Orange County. When
the garage gates are in the closed position, they cannot be opened unless a signal is sent from your
remote to turn the motor on and start the pulley system working. Some newer models also have a
manual system that overrides the motor and allows you to open and close the gates if there is a power

As you can be glad about, the motor, pulleys and torsion springs all work together to open and close
your garage gates. Any problem with any of these three components and your garage gates will not
function properly. Problems can also take place with the wall sensors that prevent the garage doors
slamming into the ground on closing or closing when there is a barrier under the door.

It’s for all time a good idea to have your automatic garage gate opener serviced regularly; just to be sure
that the whole thing is in good order, particularly if you have a family. Garage doors add a sense of
security for home owners, so you always want to make sure that they are in excellent shape.

To book a service for your automatic garage door in Orange County, call us on (949) 405-9724 or get a
quote online.

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